Facts to Learn About the CholesLo Scam

Is CholesLo A Scam?

choleslo scam

Is there any truth about the so-called CholesLo scam? Find out if this supplement for cholesterol management supplement is authentic and effective. Or, is it just another publicity stunt meant to victimize unsuspecting consumers? Many people no longer subscribe to the idea that prescription medications containing HMG-CoA inhibitor drugs or STATIN (s) are effective against cholesterol. These substances are said to produce serious side effects consisting of muscle cramps, muscle weakness, tendon swelling, and cognitive dysfunction.

The company called HFL Solutions; manufacturer of CholesLo introduced an allegedly better and more wholesome process of cholesterol. There are claims that this compound has 17 ingredients which have been proven clinically as capable of reducing cholesterol. It is said to be the basis of an organic formula with 155,000 satisfied users and documented results. Why call it then a CholesLo scam?

The phenomenal product provides a remarkable guarantee. Customers are given a refund and paid another $100 if their cholesterol does not get better by 30 points in just 30 days. The merchandise is also guaranteed for 365 days which means that you have a lot of time to use this product. In other words, HFL is very confident about this commodity. Numerous consumers say that the ingredients are responsible for making CholesLo click. One is the Artichoke extract which is said to improve cholesterol balance by a mile. Then, there is no CholesLo scam after all. It is not for rats and hamsters but humans as well.

The Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is another essential component. It is a natural antioxidant which is important to cell activity. This stimulates energy in our cells to function properly. Reduction of CoQ10 is one of the most disturbing side effects of statins. It is no twist of fate that symptoms of CoQ10 weakening also match up to numerous side effects suffered by users of the original drug. It reinforces the fact that CholesLo scam is not true.

Sytrinol is highly commended and supported extensively as a natural supplement which brings down cholesterol. It is said to decrease LDL (low density Lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing slightly HDL (High density Lipoprotein) or good cholesterol. Likewise, this minimizes artery swelling and lubricates platelets thus reducing the chances of blood clot development. Other known ingredients are red yeast rice, Policasonol and Panthethine which is an offshoot of Vitamin B5.

So, why are there complaints regarding CholesLo scam? This could be the product of negative publicity in the world-wide web. Yet, only nine grievances have been documented against HFL Solutions and its product during the last five years. On the contrary, there are many positive reviews which may disprove allegations about the CholesLo scam.

Still, no item for consumption is perfect. There are no exceptions to this rule. Addition of red yeast rice and its toxic element to this product has fanned the negative views. Since then, the “Citrinin” has been taken away and the supplement has been described as safe. There are no side effects so consumers can be assured at least for the time being that there is no CholesLo scam to worry about.

The amount of ingredients this product contains can make it more effective, but can also work against it. The more different ingredients a product contains, the higher the chance that any one of them can cause some form of adverse effect. So far though, the ingredients in CholesLo seem well thought out and well formulated, as we struggled to find any reports of significant side effects.

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Is CholesLo A Scam?